How Can I Contact Someone Regarding This Site?

This page facilitates a form at the bottom that you can fill out. It will be forwarded to all current admins of the site. These admins are currently: Gregory Peet and Matthew Wilson. The form offers a choice for you to pick the type of email being sent (general comment, a bug find, etc).

How Do I Know If The Admins Have Read My Email?

At least one of the admins will reply back once they have read your email. Please respect the professional and cordial nature of the STLSoft community. All email submissions are sent with a postmark, log of your IP, domain, and ISP. Please feel free to be honest and open; we welcome constructive criticism.


Please select the type of contact you would like to send and fill in your email address and the body with the message you wish to send.


Comments or questions are welcome.

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